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Investing with none of the risks

DEFENCE Housing Australia (DHA) do more than manage the housing of people in the defence force.
The organisation sells the houses they build to house defence personnel as part of their property investment and lease-back program that gives investors the opportunity to buy with none of the risks.

Chief marketing officer, Tony Winterbottom said the team and DHA do not work for commission and aim to develops trusting and long-term relationships with investors.

"DHA currently manages more than 19,000 properties across Australia, representing around $10 billion worth of housing stock," he said.
"Of these, approximately 65 per cent are managed on behalf of investors."
"I am really wedded to this project and it is close to my heart. We have a real community spirit.
"One of the DHA's mission statements reflects just that with the words, 'we build communities.'

The property investment and leaseback program is as simple as it sounds and only requires the investor to lease the home back to the DHA for up to 12 years.

During the lease, the DHA pay rent a month in advance and even when the property is not tenanted.
"DHA property investment is ideal for people who want to minimise the time on managing their investment and are looking to diversify their property portfolio throughout Australia," Mr Winterbottom said.
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The DHA also offer a rent guarantee, that means they will never pay below the rent of the property when it was first assessed by a third party assessor.

Mr Winterbottom said investing with the DHA is also a perfect way for people to buy homes interstate, as the DHA property care service means property management as well organising and paying for day-to-day repairs and maintenance is taken care of by the DHA.


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